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The purpose of Love Stars is to help users to find out in advance some individual characteristics that only comes up with intimacy.We do not presume to tell you what your ideal partner should be,but to inform you more about what is behind the person who attracted you.

Astronics is used as a tool to help you on this choice. In an attempt to understand the behavior of loving partners,co-workers,friends and relatives, I realized how much this knowledge helped me to deal with relationship difficulties and to understand why we live so well with some people and not with others.

In Love Stars, after inputing your birth date and the birth date of the person by which you are interested, you have access to the percentage of compatibility between you and the person chosen and the classification of that percentage – very low, low, medium, high and very high. Basically, this percentage is obtained by analyzing the possibility that you both crave for the same lifestyle, share the same ideas and have affinities in the expression of love and desire.The bigger the percentage the less personal effort necessary to get a productive and harmonic professional relationship.

We provide information on the characteristics of the chosen person, grouped as follows:

Block 1: the fundamental identity of the person

Block 2: how the person stands himself/herself and expresses his/her hopes and ambitions

Block 3: cultivated values ​​in life

Block 4: conquest tips

Finally we present a graph where the percentage of compatibility is broken down into five categories.In this way you know where is located the strengths and weaknesses of this combination.

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